Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dunkirk Operation Dynamo Small Boats commemortate Anniversary

Every five years The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships gets together to sail from Ramsgate over to Dunkirk as a mark of remembrance of the evacuation which rescued over 300,000 troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. Earlier today a small flotilla left Ramsgate harbour  to give recognition to the hundreds of small boats that were involved seventy five years. I am not going to write much about the exploits of those brave boat owners other than to say their efforts made the war effort change and they shortened the length of the war.
Read more about todays flotilla on the BBC Website


  1. All very nice remembering these events. Will the same be done on 18th June 2015 - you all know what that represents - Don't You ?

  2. So - The story so far - UKIP control TDC - earthquake hits Kent - Can't blame the Immigrants for this

    1. I did actually here it blamed on to many immigrants today so yes UKIP can blame anything on immigration

  3. I went down to Ramsgate Harbour on Wednesday to capture some of the images on my camera. It was a really colourful scene, with the little ships dressed overall and Medway Queen in the centre of it all. There was a great atmsophere too - fun but respectful - with many older folk with personal memories of the war and younger people with an interest in learning. A very pleasant afternoon.


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