Monday, 18 May 2015

Car Broken Down just been towed away by MK Recovery

Our poor car has developed a poorly noise it sound very broken and after a visit from Rob our garage man he recommended it be towed into be repaired. His Nephew  is a partner in a vehicle recovery firm. After a few quick phone calls a big recovery vehicle pulled up outside. I want to say Tow Truck but having seen Cars and fallen in love with MATTER the old rusty tow truck, this was in a different class this was a recovery vehicle. So Heather opens the door to be be greeted by Luke who went to school with our daughters. He quickly recovered the car, we spent more time catching up on what has happened to him and the girls and off went the car to be repaired. So I can recommend Luke from MK Recovery you can find him via the WEBSITE WWW.MK-RECOVERY.COM Facebook can keep you up to date find them
 here is a picture of one of the recovery vehicles:-

Call: 01843 621 070 / Luke: 07900593678 / Eliott: 07947379598

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