Friday, 10 April 2015

The Guardian features South Thanet Election UKIP loosing ground in Kent

The Guardian newspaper has a long article about Labour and how Will Scobie is winning voters in the General Election. Read article HERE
I am supporting Will Scobie as the Local Labour representative for South Thanet. Will Lives in Thanet went to school here and is a member of the local community Unlike most of the mainstream candidates the Conservative chap lives in the Medway Towns and was a former UKIP founder member but fell out with UKIP and seems to have tried and failed at all others political ventures he has been involved in. Nigel Farrage whilst claiming to live at an address in Ramsgate is an incomer and needs no introduction he is the beer drinking cigarette smoking leader of UKIP who last night was likened to a Rugby Club on tour. The so called peoples army blames all ills on immigrants even when Farrage is late for an appointment he blames immigration, talk about a one trick pony

Will Scobie Labour Candidate Website

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Will Scobie on Facebook
Will Scobie Thanet Born and bread in Ramsgate

Save Thanet • Stop Farage • Vote Scobie

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