Monday, 20 April 2015

Sun Sea and Sandcastles at Margate

Ross Andrews Dreamland Sand Art

Ross Andrews #loveourbeaches sand art Kingsgate
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It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Margate. My middle Grandson goes back to school tomorrow and is off to the beach at Botany Bay. I know technically Botany Bay is in Broadstairs but I always class it as being in Margate it's one of those geographic anomalies, one side of the road being in one town and the other classed as a different town. So I say Margate but others correctly say Broadstairs. Botany Bay is a wonderful Sandy cove with chalk cliffs caves a ruined castle and free standing chalk stack. For a child it is an adventure playground. Sandcastles and sunshine. Thanet has something like twenty six miles of sand covered beaches.I have lived here for thirty years and Thanets beaches have been the playground for me and my family, fossil hunting fishing sunbathing swimming and of course sandcastles. As a family we have had so much fun on the beach all year round. Beaches are like a magnet they draw you down to the waters edge and it doesn't matter what the weather is like. I love being by the sea anytime and Thanet with over twenty miles of sand covered
Some of Ross Andrews Sand Art

Sunrise on Easter Sunday

Sandy Feet
 beaches bays and coves there is space for everyone. Come visit soon. For ideas and imformation VISIT THANET WEBSITE HAS TOURIST IMFORMATION AND LOCATIONS

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