Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ross Andrews Sand Artist Sand ART

Skywatch Friday from Botany Bay Broadstairs Kent
Love our Thanet Beaches

Chalk Stacks and Blue Sky at Broadstairs Botany Bay

 Friday is nearly here and that means Skywatch Friday  click here to see skys around the world
Sand Art and Chalk Stacks
 Ross Andrews is a Sand Artist who is based in Broadstairs on the Thanet Coast. Thanet has around twenty six miles of sandy beaches and is his Sand Art canvas he has to work between tides and his ephemeral work is returned to the ocean.
Botany Bay Broadstairs Sandy Beaches

Sand  Art

Ross Andrews Sand  Artist
 Here is Ross with rake in hand looking at the tide before starting one of his huge works. He only has a short window between tides in which to work. See his work on his website and on Facebook click here


  1. Beautiful shots of the beaches.. And the sand art is just amazing.. Wonderful photos. Have a happy weekend!

  2. What stunning works of art and I guess it all goes with the next high tide ... what a pity. I love how those white cliffs glisten in the background ... beautiful captures.

    Adelaide and Beyond

  3. I am left speechless! What an artist!
    JM, IL-U.S.A.

  4. The sand art is quite spectacular. So are your photos.


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