Thursday, 9 April 2015

Keep Ukip out of Thanet South

I have nailed my colours to the mast and they aint purple. I have never really understood peoples attraction to UKIP.  Nigel Farrage is somewhat of an enigma. He is an MEP yet deeply against us staying in Europe. He is very happy to take cash from the European Union yet he is against you enjoying any of the benefits, personally I call that two faced. Sounds like a case of  Do as I tell you not as I do!!!
He seems good at telling people what to do, he keeps telling his candidates don't say racist things like that don't say derogatory things about women. They don't listen and keep getting some fantastic headlines. I have pledged my support to Will Scobie the Labour candidate in Thanet South. Will lives in Thanet unlike Farrage he is a local lad I first met him at Holy Trinity Church in Cliftonville my wife knows his parents he is one of the locals born and bred in Thanet. Farrage lives in Kent but spends his time everywhere but Kent so what chance have you got of him caring about the locals. He was even in the USA the night before the Margate UKIP conference you remember that? The oh charge an extra two grand so we can claim it back from EUROPE.
I find the whole UKIP thing slightly distasteful the analogy of a rugby club on tour seems very appropriate. I tell jokes and say stuff that in mixed company may not be deemed as appropriate, but I am not running a political campaign and running for parliament. Yes rugby club humour seems very appropriate, and as for people's army it is not an army I want to be associated with. Maybe Mr. Farrage means dads army and he is Captain Mainwaring.
Rugby Club on tour

Captain Mainwaring and Dads Army

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