Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hedgehog Awareness Week 2015 3rd-9th May 2015

Everyone loves a Hedgehog and I was once again on twitter and saw that John Challis @BeingBoycie he of Only Fools And Horses fame is the proud patron of the HEDGEHOG SOCIETY. I love to see a hedgehog snuffling around in my garden and realised I don't see them anymore. We used to have one that visited us most days but he has been missing for a couple of years, its something you dont miss until it is to late. Well the HEDGEHOG SOCIETY are running an awareness week from the 3rd until the 9th of May

So head on down to the website for some tips on encouraging more hedgehogs to visit our gardens.

Follow them on Facebook CLICK HERE

Or follow them on twitter CLICK HERE

Cute little hedgehog

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