Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fresh Local Crab Sandwiches from Bessie's Tea Parlour Broadstairs

I follow Bessie's Tea parlour on Twitter @Bessiesparlour and last night I was on twitter and read a tweet about waiting for the fresh crabs for tomorrows sandwiches. If there is one thing that delights my taste buds Crab is that food.  I have blogged in the past about eating fresh crab in Margate and here was Bessie saying crab sandwiches were on the menu. I had intended going over to Broadstairs and eating in the Tea Parlour. I tweeted them because my wife  has had afternoon tea there and seemed to think it would be difficult in the wheelchair. Her fears were allayed wheelchair access is OK. So I went to sleep happy in the knowledge of a trip out to Broadstairs to eat what is possibly the food of the Gods FRESH CRAB.
I woke this morning feeling rubbish. I had been awake on on off all night and  there was no way I was able to go out but Heather my wife ever resourceful went over and did a takeaway. I did manage to make it downstairs and I am writing this having eaten my Sandwich and I did have eyes on Heathers but I think she likes crab as much as I do so no joy on helping her eat hers. All in all apart from my Multiple Sclerosis saying no to my idea of eating at Bessie's Tea Parlour I can report Fresh Local Crab sourced from local fishermen in Broasdstairs are a treat worth shelling out for. Get it CRAB SHELL oh my humour is lost on you lot. 
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