Friday, 17 April 2015

Farrage spotted alas not in Thanet South

As the election draws ever closer one might be forgiven for thinking the Ukip leader would spend more time in Thanet but no the only way the good people of Thanet can spot him is on television. I am no lover of the type of pub politics Nigel Farrage is famous for. Racism after a few pints will seem attractive but when the beer wears off and stops talking people tend to realise it's just talk. The good people of Thanet South will I hope see the toxic policies for what they are, beacons for the bar room lawyers the closet racists and the types who long for the days of Empire when little britain ruled the world. I must remind those who still long for Empire that Queen Victoria is long dead and that we keep steam trains in museums because the world has moved on.

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