Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bank Holiday at Margate

With this blog being named Promote Thanet it beholden of me to tell my readers come to Margate Broadstairs and Ramsgate this Bank Holiday . I can remember when over forty years ago I jumped onto a train with half a dozen mates and headed for the coast. I was a sixteen year old lad and we ended up in Ramsgate, I still can't believe how far it is to walk from Ramsgate train station to the harbour. I remember we got a taxi on the way back! I lived in Ramsgate twenty years later and now live in Margate. I love Thanet we have bought our kids up here they enjoyed the fantastic beaches all over the island they went to the local schools as do their kids,our grand children. It is the circle of life and in a place like Thanet it is a quality circle. Yes That is supposedly an area of deprivation like many coastal areas around the country. But my children all went on to University something I could never have dreamed of. So come to Thanet this Bank Holiday there are loads of places to go and lots of things to see. Come and explore, I did and I love it.

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