Sunday, 1 March 2015

Wonderful place is Margate

I love living here, after the best part of thirty years in Margate I can say I truly love the place. My wife was born here but as I have said before I am an incomer. I hope I have fitted in over those years. But I couldn't move away from the seaside, not now after all those years. I have built sandcastles with our kid's. Has a beach hut for more than twenty-five years, fished off every beach and all of the fantastic harbours. For a few years I had a photo header to this blog taken by my best man showing a fantastic sunset he had seen on fishing trip he had at the rocks by the Nayland rock hotel. I miss him terribly he passed from this world to soon. Most weeks we would send me pictures, ahh memories.
I get to see the Thanet coast as often as I can my wife always asks "home? or do you want to see the sea" I have to be feeling really awful to not want to look at the sea. The reason I am writing this is because last week one of the daily paper's was telling the rest of the country Margate is a property hotspot. In my mind it has always been blooming fantastic. We have lived in both Margate and Ramsgate and to me anywhere in Thanet is good but I have a soft spot for Margate. But I have had connections with all the town's over the years and Margate comes out on top. So why would I want people to move to Thanet? Why am I not trying to keep this little haven of peace all to myself !!
It's like this whatever I say won't change a thing. People who want a seaside life won't be swayed by an old fossil of a blogger who gets around in a wheelchair. No. The smell of the sea the sound of the waves the gulls squawking will be the thing that makes up the mind. All the rest the beaches in sunshine and after a December storm fishing off the rocks at Kingsgate at night in Mid November the coastal walks the village pantomime and the favourite coffee shop that all comes later after moving here. People get comfortable they grow into Thanet and wear it like a comfortable gardening jumper. It's got a hole on the elbow and the stitching is fraid but I could never part with it I just love it to much

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  1. I don't know Margate too well, but I live in Deal, and know exactly how you feel about living by the sea :) Deal is also becoming quite a desirable place to be, which is great. I don't think I really appreciated where I live until a lady who lives in South America commented on one of my blogs that I must live in paradise....that makes you realize how lucky we are living in this area :)


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