Sunday, 8 March 2015

Thanet mobbed as the sunshines

Margate Broadstairs and Ramsgate were all awash with visitors today. We had a lazy start to the day and it was early afternoon before we managed to get into the car and set off for a ride. First off we went through Broadstairs and were unable to get up Albion Street and turned down Harbour Street and found the Harbour mobbed with people out enjoying the sunshine. As we went under the York Arch Heather had to stop because so many people were in the road. By the time we turned round (not an easy option) and headed back towards Albion Street the traffic jam had cleared and we headed on past Morellis the crowds were subsiding but Morellis were doing a brisk trade. Ramsgate was next on the journey and there also we encountered plenty of traffic and the harbour are was very busy. By now I was getting home sick and directed Heather Home via Birchington Westgate and through Margate. The Turner Contemporary had a  good number of people milling around.
I may not have got out of the car but we had a good tour around and after not being able to get out much of late it was lovely to see so many people visiting Thanet in the early season sunshine. I hope this is a sign of things to come for the rest of the season.

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