Thursday, 5 March 2015

Margate Greedy Cow Cafe Birthday

I just discovered The Greedy Cow in Margate Old Town has just turned four years old. Now that is worth celebrating. Four years in Margates Old Town feed locals and visitors alike. The home of Pulled Pork and salt Beef Sandwiches Burgers that are made in house with local produce. So a birthday well worth celebrating and when   it  warms  up I will visit them, still to cold for trips out in the wheelchair so I get my Daughter and son in law to bring in  take aways.

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Greedy Cow  Margate web


  1. Hiya Don. This is Gary.......Trevors little bruver. Not sure how I ended up here but great to find you sir! I still remember that house clearance we did in faversham......that was a bleeding' heavy fridge.

  2. Gary how great to catch up. You still in Hong Kong? I have tried all week to Trevor but he not answer all week. How you doing out there.

  3. It's all good here ta........apart from being cold and damp at the moment which reminds us of home. I'm still burying Hong kongs rubbish and the kids are learning Chinese...weird how things turn out eh? I like your blog.....we will back in July and hope to take the kids back to broadstairs beach.


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