Saturday, 28 March 2015

Dont Drop your iPhone

Drama here this morning. Our daughter has said for months "Dad if I come round will you help me take the photo's off the phone" For months I have said yes of course I will. Last night we got a call the phones died I have lost all of the pictures from here there and everywhere else. Woe is me et cetera et cetera. I am having a lay in today watching the last bit of qualifying and I get call telling me that its come back on and to get up we are doing it NOW. So up I gets or rather Heather gets me up and I get downstairs missing Lewis Hamilton Q3 and all the drama in the rain and am confronted with an iPhone that looks like it came second in the lets smash our mobile phone to bits contest. THE SCREEN IS IN SHARDS OF GLASS THE CASE IS IN BITS and me with the worst hand eye coordination in the world (thanks MS) trying to get the pictures off the phone.
The screen kept disappearing the computer didn't want to find the phone, it was fun but I would rather have watched the end of qualifying. The moral to this story is this. DONT DROP YOUR iPHONE. I searched for a picture of an iphone with a broken screen I only got ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN MILLION RESULTS. 

Image result for smashed iphone screen
picture off google there are lots of broken phones

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