Thursday, 26 February 2015

Margate property hotspot

The secret is no more, the genie is out of the bottle Margate is officially the place to move to. Unusually for me I was ahead of the curve and have enjoyed Thanet and its wonderful charm and character for over thirty years. Now we are reckoned to be at the top of a list of places to find a property market bargain. This news came out last week when I was in hospital so today is the first time I have been up to posting the thing that we who live here have known for years. I am always saying about our marvellous beaches and the attraction of living on the coast. Having been in London for my visit to hospital I can see why people would want to get out of the capital.
I want level to enjoy the benefits of living by the coast but on Simon Moore's blog people are talking about the One thousand homes proposed in Westgate/Birchington. I don't know anything about these homes but the UK has not built enough houses to keep up with the needs since the war. That finished in 1945  so UK PLC needs to get its finger out and create those houses the current Government has talked the talk but failed miserably when it comes to house building and I must say Labour's record in the Blair Brown years were no better. Thanet is a fantastic place I have enjoyed my time here but for our children and grandchildren to do the same we need to build more houses and as unpleasant an idea that may seem we need them.

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