Thursday, 22 January 2015

UKIP ease congestion Ban Unemployed from Driving

Unemployment will mean driving ban.UKIP plans to ban the unemployed from driving
You couldn't make this stuff up. I read it on Twitter last night and today's Daily papers are carrying the story that Ukip want to ban the unemployed from driving. I doubt Nigel Farrage will object, he claimed he was late for a meeting because the roads were flooded with immigrants and we all know every immigrant is unemployed.
Read about it here
South Thanet will become Farrages hunting ground come May if he manages to get enough votes. In another article it is claimed he will be knighted by David Cameron if Ukip get more seats. This whole thing is getting like the silly season in a few days I wouldn't be surprised if a huge Monty Python foot appears and squashes London and a giant cat kicks over big Ben.

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