Monday, 19 January 2015

Something for the Weekend in Thanet?

Its that time of year again BBC's WinterWatch is back on our screens tonight at 9:00pm. And this weekend it is the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch when you get the excuse to spend an hour with a cup of tea and a notepad and count the birds in your garden. Its easy enough to do and log on to the RSPB website and give them your details of which feathered birdies visited your garden in the hour you choose. The other delight for you nature lovers is the topic of my last post, the Dane Valley Woods Scheme they need volunteers to help plant 200 trees on Sunday. Its just a little chance to pay a little back to nature, have a good weekend


  1. Hi Don, that's a lovely way to give back to the community. I like that insect house too. They seem to be popping up all over the place. I don't know whether I have wished you all a happy new year yet, so just in case I haven't, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your sweet wife and family. Denise xxx

  2. Forgot to answer your question. As a matter of fact my niece has just booked a cottage in my old village down in Devon and Gregg and I, niece and her husband will be spending two weeks together next Summer. Very excited about it :) Denise xxx


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