Friday, 23 January 2015

Plans for Margates Thanet Press site drawn up

Thanet Press site in Union Cresent is a sorry looking place but if plans drawn up by Margate Design Collective are accepted the site will be transformed. I have no idea who is behind Margate Design Collective are (I tried phoning them but number not working not a good sign)but the picture in the Thanet Gazette looks wonderful. My Father-in-law worked at Thanet Press for years so I would rather the site be restored as I have an emotional connection plus I dont think ripping the place down and plonking dozens of heartless flats in there will do anything for Margate. 
If the photo I pinched off the Thanet Gazette website  is anything to go by the plans are a boost to Margate not just bunging more flats into the Terrace.
I will write more on this as I can get the information  I have just been speaking to a person who worked there and I know more about the past than the future. What concerns me is that the design collective are not even on the phone.

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