Monday, 26 January 2015

Garden Birds

On Sunday Morning I spent a pleasant hour watching my garden birds for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. Heather was out  and I sat at the window overlooking the garden. All the feeders had been filled the previous day and it wasn't long before the first visitors arrived. I had Parakeets Sparrows Starlings and many more. In total thirteen species and a total of thirty nine birds I am sure the RSPB will make use of the data even if it is only to send me special offers from their range of gifts in the online shop. I can remember as a child being fascinated by our feathered friends and I had an Observers Book of birds
I still have a copy somewhere the original was so well thumbed it fell apart years ago. Nature has been a fascination of mine all my life,  wildlife programs are a must view on TV and over the years I have had much pleasure simply sitting and watching the natural world. Now my joy is gained from just sitting at and watching the birds.

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  1. How wonderful, you get parakeets? Sounds like a good hour and for a very special cause. Yes I am getting ready for summer Don :) Especially as we are expecting snow today. Denise xxx


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