Monday, 8 December 2014

UKIP Bandwagon is heading to Margate Winter Gardens

I hear that Margate is to host the UKIP and its party conference. The venue is to be Margates fantastic Winter Gardens. I have just checked the seating plan and if it is just Nigel, Mark and the geezer from Essex they must be hiring the Jubilee Bar its the smallest venue in the Winter Gardens  and I think it holds twenty five people giving a bit of space for the Thanet Gazette to send both a reporter and photographer. I am anti Ukip as they seem to be like our very own Ian Driver looking for any form of publicity. Ian seems to have more substance than Nigel Farrage and at least Ian is trying to push the Thanet issues and has his heart in the right place. Farrage seems to have no message other than his dislike of immigrants and like of beer. Still if he books the Jubilee Bar he won't feel out of his comfort zone.
Plan of Margate Winter Gardens 

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