Monday, 22 December 2014

Shop local in 2015 and buy British New Year Resolutions

Spending where you live or shopping local is not a new concept, but with the New Year looming large it may be a concept to consider for your New Year Resolutions list. I was born in the 1950's and in the mid 60's there was a Buy British campaign.  I remember a lad at junior school being on TV promoting the idea of rejecting foreign imports and purchasing British made goods. Now it would be regarded as Politically incorrect but in those heady days everything was possible and for a while it worked. We the British supported other Brits. We bought English meat we ate English Vegetables. Our shirts on our backs were made in English factories. The suits our Politicians wore were made of British wool. I expect back then the politicians had their suits made by tailors in Saville Row. Not bought from a chain store that imports stuff half way round the world from some third world sweat shop using child labour.
I am not knocking the fact it puts food on the tables of those worse off that we in the West. Without little Johnny working twelve hours a day his family might starve.
I don't know what the answers are but if we help those closest to us by purchasing more stuff from the UK and a little less stuff made in foreign sweat shops we all win.

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  1. Always a good thing to buy local. All the best tou you and the family Don. Happy Christmas and A Very Happy New Year!


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