Thursday, 11 December 2014

Is the world going mad

At times I question the sense in things I wonder why stuff exists in the first place. I spend a lot of my life on my laptop for me it is my outside world. I cant walk across the landing let alone go shopping so the whole concept of shopping online is a boon to me. I love ebay but you need to beware not to just click at the first thing that you find on ebay, do your research just as you would when buying anything else. Look stuff up on Amazon or another site before committing your hard earned cash.
I was looking at cameras, I am always looking at cameras and the seller had other stuff including a book for 80 odd quid. Now I don't move in the circles where a book can cost that amount of money so intrigued I did a bit of research. Yep that particular book is 80 quids. But a bit of canny shopping it can be purchased for 19 of your shiny British pounds. Just goes to show that ebay aint necessarily the cheapest place to do your shopping. As for the book, I dont want it at any price but it has filled an otherwise empty afternoon and for that I am thankful. Ebay has it uses.

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