Monday, 8 December 2014

I have been missing in action but maybe returning to duty

Sorry folks but I have been AWOL from this blog for a while. Those of you that read this stuff will know I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and it has managed to get the better of me and I succumbed to depression. But I am back now and  am aiming to do a post most days  just like the old times.
I am sitting here perched in my wheelchair as my wife is putting the Christmas decorations up. She has been in the loft retrieving Santa's and Stars and is now busy pinning stuff into place. I haven't been outside for well over a week since I had a trip to Kings Hospital the trip was a contributing cause to my depression my PPMS is incurable but each new treatment raises my hopes only for them to be dashed. I haven't had the treatment yet but I am already and set for failure. Strange realy because normally my glass is half full, depression is a strange beast and one that affects far more people than we would give credit for.

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