Thursday, 11 December 2014

How will UK cope without immigrants?

 Who would run the health service if we had no immigration. As it stands the health service has around 30% of its workers both nurses doctors cleaners admin staff are immigrants. So sending them home the NHS is set to collapse if it has no workforce. The council's both local and on a county level use immigrants to provide services. Farms throughout the country use an immigrant workforce to provide us with cheap vegetables and produce. Send the immigrants home and the cabbages will rot in the fields. The country needs immigrants and they contribute much to this country both as workers and as taxpayers and it is estimated they put more into the system than they take out, but and this is a big but we still see immigrants as bad. WHY?
I don't know the answers, immigration has caused riots since dislike of the Jewish immigrants  caused riots in Scotland two hundred years ago. Britain's made up of immigrants the Vikings came and stayed around one thousand years ago. Every year since then people have settled in Britain and we are better off because of them settling here.

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