Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Have your say on TDC Budget survey

I have just come from the TDC website and have just completed the Budget Survey. The Council have taken the trouble to set up the survey and the very least (apart from doing nothing) I could do is complete it. I have never been a fan of surveys and this one is no exception. I know it will be put online a few people will fill it out and  then the bean counters will look at it and take no notice. Yes I am both cynic and eternal optimist in equal measure,  it must be due to my Libra birth sign.
Thanet Council have a tremendously difficult job. Limited funds and unlimited expectations of its users. There is no part of its services in an ideal world we wouldn't like to see improved. I feel sorry for them as they are as the saying goes stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place. Whatever they spend the money on someone somewhere will object. Have a look at the survey on the THANET COUNCIL WEBSITE.
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