Thursday, 18 December 2014

Garden birds

I have been sat here at the back room window watching the garden birds. I see on the internet people posting pictures of Nuthatches and Tree Creepers and other to me wonderful birds. I must say I get some nice birds but nothing out of the ordinary. I can report nothing has changed today. I have had Goldfinches and a Robin some Parakeets in fact lots of Parakeets I have had lots of pigeons and a Dunnock. As I said nothing out of the ordinary but to me it is a real delight. I get to see an insight into the wonderful lives of birds their quarrels and squabbles as they fight over food in the feeders. The scares they have when noises panic them or an cat appears. I love my birds, yes I wish I saw different ones but I delight in the ones I do see.

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