Sunday, 7 December 2014

Brussels Sprouts taste good

I have just been watching Gregg Wallace doing a programme about how the super markets deal with the Christmas shopping nightmare. One of the things Gregg was investigating was Brussels Sprouts and he went to a Farm that produces tons of them for the Christmas trade. I smiled seeing them as I had eaten some with my Sunday Dinner, I dont mind Brussels but when Gregg tried to entice customers of one super Market to taste them he failed to get many takers. The Farmer he had visited has shown how by crossing varieties of Brussels they have become sweeter and tastier in recent years. I must agree the ones on my plate at lunch times were nicer than the over cooked ones of my childhood memories. Give the Brussels Sprouts a go this Christmas.

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  1. From the Loop bus to Westwood we noted that the fields between QEQM and Westwood are surely well due for harvesting and are probably Brussels Sprouts, When I worked at Hornby in the 1970s the smell of the sprouts and cabbages after a wet night over the fields would be enough to put you off for life. On the other hand, my wife detests the smell of bacon sandwiches which you and I both love. My unproven theory is that sprouts are served at Christmas to help release the gastro winds that are created from over indulgence in other stuff. Happy Christmas to you and yours from me and mine. Thanks for adding my site to your 'Disabled Don' blog. Can you put it on Promote Thanet too? Pretty please? Thanks.


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