Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Thats the way to do it

Last night I was on twitter, I know I spend a lot of time on twitter but it is lots of fun. I retweeted a tweet and as often happens on the interweb I ended up somewhere completely different to the first tweet. Well as I was browsing I remembered I should look at the original tweet to see what it was that originally drew me in. Here in was the problem, once again I was lost. I couldn't find the tweet. the next hour was spent trawling back through the tinternet and still no joy. TIME FOR TEA!
Well after draining my cup I resumed the search clicked the web browser shut and bit my tongue but as the pain set in I let out a cry of delight here behind the first window was what I was searching for. Julie Waller has a twitter account CLICK HERE TO SEE IT and I had spent an age looking for it. I then clicked on the link to her website JPW Business Solutions and I was away searching her site.
Julie and Peter are professional and experienced Managers, Business Advisers, Coach's &Mentor's with lots and lots of experience helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals large and small in all aspects of creating and successfully running a start up or existing enterprise.
As I looked through their site I clicked on a dead link and as is my norm I sent off an email drawing attention to the problem. Even though it was late 7:50 pm. I had a reply by return timed at 7:58 thanking me and saying it would be sorted today and sure enough at 09:58 this morning Julie dropped me an e-mail stating the dead link had be corrected. I must have sent hundreds of similar missives over the years and I hardly ever get any form of reply but Julie and Peter obviously take their job of supporting other seriously. For this reason for any business in need of support I recommend JPW Business Solutions

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