Saturday, 8 November 2014

Saturday Kitchen Live

I have been addicted to Saturday Kitchen for as long as I can remember. I love cooking programmes on television and most Saturdays I sit or more often than not lay in bed watching all the various cooks produce culinary delights. As I type this Terry Wogan is watching Massa and Atol try their hand at the omlette challange now the two greedy Italians are in Calibria in Italy. These cooking shows are not all about food the landscapes and architecture of southen Italy is delighting me.And now the cooking of onions outside in a vineyard to produce cooked pork mince and pearl barley. Terry is facing food heaven or food hell but being a national treasure Terry was only ever going to get his food heaven Duck.
Food and Children in Need is the theme for todays show so Pudsie Bear is involved. I doubt I will be getting Duck for dinner but whatever you are eating this weekend enjoy it. Have a good time and I will be back next week.

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