Monday, 24 November 2014

Herne Bay pier people's millions.

I have not been out for a while. I have been feeling worse than normal. But yesterday with the help of some friends we headed out for a ride. I had thought about Upstreet Chislet and through to Herne Bay for a coffee at Makcaris and indeed after a very pleasant ride through the countryside we parked on the seafront car park at Herne Bay. Makcaris is on the corner of Central Parade and William Street and has been serving Italian Ice Cream and Coffee since first opening its doors in 1931. We all had various coffees shared Prawn and Coronation Chicken  sandwiches and I had a Cherry slice. The Cafe was doing a brisk trade and I doubt our seats got cold before another customer sat down. The afternoon was still young so we walked along the seafront through the Bandstand towards the Pier.
   Herne Bay like Margate lost its Pier in the storm of 1978. But unlike Margate it managed to save a short section and whilst the original Pier Head still remains like a ghostly reminder of its previous glory, the current pier is a fraction of the original length of over One mile. As we got to the entrance we were accosted by two delightful people who were drumming up support for Peoples Millions for Herne Bay Pier. We had quite a chat and I must apologise to the man I forgot your name but I do remember Doreen so if she reads this Hi. I told them I run this blog and that I would mention them and the Peoples Millions votes which start today 24th 11.2014. So Doreen here is your mention. After our chat we went to the end of the pier and on the way stopped to speak to the two stall holders who were open. The first was the Jewellery stall of Daniel Wilds. We chatted to him about his hand made contemporary Jewellery and them moved on to the unit next door run by an artist.
The Peoples millions if they were successful would help cover the pier over making it an  all weather venue and an all year round destination attracting visitors fifty two weeks of the year no matter the weather. The more visitor to the town them more money being spent helping all businesses in the area. We carried on our walk to the end of the pier looking out over the mile of open sea to the surviving Pier Head and wondering if Margate will ever get a new Pier?
On the way back off we passed Janet Street Porter walking her dog. I believe she lives locally and has writen about the area read an article for the Telegraph titled Janet Street-Porter's WhitstableThe Loose Women presenter Janet Street-Porter on a seaside town in Kent, the "perfect place to escape" for a weekend.

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