Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Depressed Don

Hi folks I am sorry I have not been as busy on the blog in the last little while but I have been suffering with depression. Well that has been sorted I am now taking a few more antidepessants and yesterday and today I am actually starting to feel human again. The hardest thing about depression is actually recognising you are depressed! The next thing is asking for help. That might sound simplistic but I am a very simple soul and it took me months to slip into what I thought was normal but was infact a depressed state of normal. Needless to say because it was a slow slide others around me while noticing the change just thought it was my Multiple Sclerosis. Yes it was but it had triggered the depression and my life became slowly more unpleasant. Still enough about that I just wrote this post to hi light the problem of depression and if you feel you are suffering get  help ASAP. Life is so much better now after seeking help from my doctor.

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