Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Why I love Margate and Thanet

The name of this blog came about after reading several bloggers slagging Thanet off and  I wanted to put a more positive spin on the place. TDC make that task very difficult at times but I try not to speak badly of them but over the six years of this blog that has at times proved difficult. I was flicking through Twitter earlier and saw a photo of an almost deserted Viking Bay the bare flat sands with one or two kids playing at the waters edge encompasses for me all that is good about Thanet. I am now in a wheelchair and very rarely get onto the sands but before Multiple Sclerosis wrecked my body I loved being on the Beaches. I would swim and sunbath I would fish and I would stroll. Falling in a rock pool fully clothed at 2am whilst night fishing at Joss Bay will never figure highly on my list of enjoyable experiences but I can smile about that cold November night now.
Thanet has so much to offer and I try to promote Thanet. My memories are all around me, as I sit here  in my wheelchair typing this I can see two fossils found on the beach at Minnis Bay. Next to them is a stone collected a few months back from West Bay Westgate. I drive my wife mad bringing these little bits home with me but they are my reminders of that moment in time. I can remember my daughters finding those fossils as clearly as I can remember finding that insignificant stone. I can remember successful fishing trips and the unsuccessful ones. All of these memories were made in Thanet.

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