Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Why I love Margate and Thanet

The name of this blog came about after reading several bloggers flagging Thanet off and  I wanted to put a more positive spin on the place. TDC make that task very difficult at times but I try not to speak badly of them but over the six years of this blog that has at times proved difficult. I was flicking through Twitter earlier and saw a photo of an almost deserted Viking Bay the bare flat sands with one or two kids playing at the waters edge encompasses for me all that is good about Thanet. I am now in a wheelchair and very rarely get onto the sands but before Multiple Sclerosis wrecked my body I loved being on the Beaches. I would swim and sunbath I would fish and I would stroll. Falling in a rock pool fully clothed at 2am. While night fishing is not high in fun value at the time of its happening but very memorable all the same. On my window fill is a couple of fossils found at Minnis Bay over twenty years ago found while hunting for them with my daughter's after a heavy storm. Next to them is a sliver of stone bought back a few weeks back, I found it while in my wheelchair I bought it home to remind me of that wonderful walk from West Bay to Westgate.
I know I don't walk anymore and Heather has to do all the hardwork pushing me but walk wounds nicer than a push. Thanet has some wonderful memories for me. I have said in the past memories of being five years old sitting on the main sands at Margate. Or visiting my dad in the Royal Sea bathing Hospital. Memories of my mum coming home and describing the Mods and Rockers in the 1960'

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  1. Hi Don

    This weekend in Margate - hoping to bring lots of spectators into the town.

    We have a press release as well if you would like a copy.


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