Sunday, 19 October 2014

Ukip or Greens for Thanet South

It seems the Green Party fancy their chances in next year's General Election. They are going to church everything including the kitchen sink at certain seats mainly ones that had Liberal candidates in the last election but don't be surprised if Nigel Farrage has to run against a Green candidate who has his full green party support. Personally I don't see Labour or Conservative throwing much up against Farrage, I just hope Thanet South voters don't vote Ukip. I would love to see Farrage fail to get into parliament. I would love to see Mark Reckless fall flat on his face at Rochester but then I am vehement in my opposition to Skip, I just hope the electorate see through Ukip the same way as I do.

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  1. Ian Driver needs to go first if anyone in Thanet south will vote Green.


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