Friday, 24 October 2014

Ukip for South Thanet? maybe not

I was browsing local blogs earlier today and it seems most people like the idea of Ukip but when it comes to the actual practicalities it's a different matter. We want fresh vegetables but won't pay the prices that enables the farmer to pay more money to the workers. I can remember as a boy mothers with children getting in the backs of lorries off to pick fruit or potatoes. Nowadays health and safety regulations would never allow that. The rules churned out by some faceless aristocrat put paid to many things over the years. All other countries read them and file them under chicken shit just like the rebel in that 70's classic Amercan Graffiti. Not us the great British way is to ensure compliance, it creates red tape and jobsworths love red tape. Give a cretin some authority and he will bask in ensuring red tape is adhered to. In France the same regulation in met with NON from authorities and public alike but we ensure adherence.
Ukip blame all ills on immigration but I see Europe and its endless legislature of every facet of daily life as the problem. They legislate everything and it employs thousands to invent new rules which are churned out in there thousands each year. The only thing the haven't managed to legislate for is toilet paper strong enough for diaharea. All these stupid rules have sanitized our lives and when your morning cuppa in the cafe is served by a Pole who will work in a low paid job we blame immigration for everything that is wrong. In my humble opinion it is the rules and regulations that have given rise to Ukip not the fact our carrots will not get harvested if immigration is reversed.

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