Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thanet is great relocate to Margate Broadstairs or Ramsgate

I hope to go out tomorrow, not much of a statement your probably thinking. For me it is a really big thing. I have been bed bound for the last two weeks, even a trip to the bathroom was done with the aide of my trusty wheelchair as my zimmer frame was sat in the corner unused. I have had some form of infection to cope with on top of my multiple sclerosis and it has been difficult. So sorry I haven't been blogging but getting better has been my main focus.
Now I am feeling much brighter I can't wait to get out and see what's going on in Thanet. My first place will be to see the sea. I tell everyone and their dog about my ships theory and I will be going up to Cliftonville to count the ship's. My theory is that you can always count ten ships off Margate. I won't be getting our of the car but Heather will often push me in the wheelchair along Prince's Walk from the Coast Guard's building by the Bethesda Surgery along towards Botany Bay. I love the fresh sea air and the sound of the Gulls you can see the waves I especially like it when the wind is brisk enough for white horse's, the term used when the tips of a breaking wave shows up white. We have some fantastic chalk cliff's here in Thanet and I love to look at them in different seasons and of course different lights. Bright sunshine and they are happy and bright with a twinkle in their eye as the Sun catches the bright white chalk, also given the time of day the cliff's change with Sun and shadow. . On another walk say after a heavy winter's storm the chalk will take on a more sombre tone, dark and Moody enough to make you not to linger but head home asap for a cup of something warming. I have lived here on the Isle of Thanet for over thirty years and I never tire of the sea. I may not be as mobile as when I first moved here but I still love it here.
Thanet is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance and along with our close neighbour Whitstable lots of people are relocating to Thanet from London. I have enjoyed the benefit of seaside living for thirty years. We have raised our children beside the seaside. I had to listen from my bed as Heather arranged for our beach hut to be stored away for the winter. It is my families summer residence, twenty five years of summers spent on the sands and one I can still enjoy due to the beach wheelchair' s so even though I can no longer walk I can still spend time on the beach with my wife my children and my grandchildren. I love Thanet and recommend it to anyone thinking of moving to the seaside. It ain't perfect but scratch bellow the surface and nowhere is but to me it's home and I would recommend it to anyone.

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