Friday, 3 October 2014

General election two hundred days away

A few days ago I heard on the radio it was 210 days until election day so it must be give or take two hundred days until I have to choose.
Ukip don't stand a chance of me ever voting for them, hell will freeze over first or the second coming happens and Jesus says to me I have to.
That leaves the main three because SNP won't be fielding a candidate this far South.
Who can I vote for? Labour has Milliband and the wrong brother won IMHO. Liberal well the chance of them getting more seat' s than the Greens are slim and the Greens only have two seats I believe? Conservative? Cameron? He don't appeal either. I know the local candidate for all parties wants my vote, well I need wooing and time is running out, ya all better get busy I'm gonna need some convincing.

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