Wednesday, 10 September 2014

West Bay Bacon Sandwiches

Mid morning it was by the time had been in the shower and finished my bathing. To late for breakfast to early for lunch. Being such a nice day we decided on eating at the snack bar at Pegwell. Nothing against eating indoors but being in the wheelchair makes me very self conscious so late last year we decided against it except in extreme circumstances. We drove through to Pegwell only to find the snack van not there. This sort of ruined the plan's!
After fifty seconds of debate we settled on West Bay cafe. Nice sea or beach view sheltered and if you get the right spot it is a wonderful Sun trap. The tide was fully in so a sea view, we passed a dozen or so Turnstones sitting on the edge of the prom waiting for the tide to recede so they could carry on feeding along the now water covered shore.
There was a fair crowd seated outside the cafe. People doing crosswords and others debating with their mates. A couple of builders grabbing a late breakfast and then us. We bagged a table in the sunny corner and Heather  parked my by a wobbly table and went into order. She returned with two steaming hot milky coffees and inspected the now steady table. I may be in a wheelchair but I can manoeuvre an obstinate table into submission.
The bacon sarnies turned up and very nice they were too. The only downside was cheap super market white bread but that didn't stop them disappearing toot sweet. Having finished we had a stroll along the prom towards Westgate. We got as far as rounding the headland and decided to turn back, the chalk cliffs had been sheltering us from the breeze and although we had packed cardigans in the car we hadn't thought to bring them with us. I had only managed to count eight ships so on the journey home we came along the sea road and we increased the total count to thirteen and one of those was a magnificent three master which when I returned home I discovered was heading to London. I will post some information about it but this is being posted from my kindle and the stuff I want is on the laptop. I am wrapping up now to get some shut eye.

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  1. I could just go for a bacon sarnie right now Don. Sounds like a nice time out. It's stil warm here but not the dreaded humidity we've been having lately and at least 10 degrees cooler. Sweet dreams! Denise xxx


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