Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Memories are made in Margate

My mum and dad died when I was ten but I have memories of coming to Margate with them and my dad had been in the Royal Sea Bathing Hospital before he died so I remember that. I prefer the memories of the beach trips rather than the hospital trips. I remember my mum coming home and telling us about the Mods and Rockers. I remember cold milk bought in a wax carton from a machine near Elephant hill. I remember being on a boat of a family friend in Ramsgate harbour and feeling sea sick. I remember Dreamland and the big wheel. And I remember the traffic jams miles and miles of traffic coming in and going home. I can remember being on the sands and a drunk asking where I had got a newspaper from. I was on a photography blog the other day talking about memorable things and how a picture can take you back, the sights the sounds even the smells. But sometimes just the word Margate brings me back to happy days over fifty years ago. Memories are made in Margate.
Bringing my memories up to date I just have to look around me, my wife, my children and my grandchildren. Margate and Thanet has formed so many happy memories. Thanet is not just kiss me quick hats and sand castles it is much much more and the whole area deserves better but what the future holds I dont know, what I do know is I love this area and want the best for Thanet.

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