Sunday, 28 September 2014

Manston new town for Tory cheap houses

Some may think I am being cynical but the Tory party had Manston Airport sewn up long ago. The news of a twenty per cent discount wasn't dreamed up on the back of a fag packet in a greasy spoon round the corner from campaign hq. It would have been dreamed up over a glass of champagne rather than builders brew from chipped mugs. I  can now see why the Parkway station plans have not been shelved Manston will feature high in the Tory bid to stop Naughty Nigel getting the Thanet South seat. Myself I knew Manston could have been saved had at the last transport review a few crumbs had been chucked our way, but no it was due for a far bigger part in the up and coming General election. I shrugged my shoulders as I wrote this si la vi
The area needs houses, may be we can get rid of some of the disgusting housing stock we currently have. What we don't need is to become a London Borough overspill area.  Strict rules in place so theses discounts go to genuine first time buyers. 

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  1. One of the ways the government is funding this is to remove the need for developers to provide 25% of the total build as affordable housing on brown field sites. So Manston together with its new commuter station could attract first time buyers from all over the place rather than housing those from the locality.


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