Sunday, 28 September 2014

just like the old Thanet just 20% cheaper

I didn't feel anything it was painless. But for the last week my MS has been attacking my body and I have been dosing up on more pain killing drugs than usual. I have virtually slept for a week but I am sure I would have noticed had someone pinched 20% of my home. If Manston is to be built over with first time homes at a discount I am sure it won't go unnoticed by  both buyers and lenders alike. I am pretty sure lenders up and down this fair and pleasant land will love the fact in the period up until the election no one knows the value of houses. The prices of homes is to dear but at a stroke Cameron has made all first time homes cheaper. Lenders won't let you have money for the home of your dreams if in six months time it is only valued at 80% of what it sold for today.
I am old enough to remember houses in single thousands I looked at one house in Faversham recently I could have bought for three thousand pounds, and when I spoke to a young couple going into a neighbouring property they told me it's value was 4500 English pounds. That inflation!
The housing market is over priced in my humble opinion and for me Cameron has played a 20% masterstroke. Yep one worthy of a hole in one in my opinion. He has taken the froth out of the market, I think that's estate agent talk for over pricing and he has slowed down demand. Who will buy a old house today when a new one will be cheaper but all you have to do is wait a few more months you can also save a few Bob more in the mean time. We need more homes and we need them fast, going back to when I was a boy you could get things called council houses, yes I know I really am that old. Housing association's don't put enough low cost homes out for rent keeping rents high leaving everyone poor. Enough I am getting away from the subject which is for 20% cheaper first time houses vote Tory. The subject never was that when I started writing but reading through it could be a party political leaflet for Tory for next year.l


  1. I'm worried about the separated couples where the mum/dad gets the biggest part of the childcare and the shared home is split - how do the single parents remain on the propert ladder?? Where's their 20% off?? After all - where are they supposed to live within their then single status - renting is so expensive and there are many unscrupulous landlords out there - it's a Tory vote catcher to attract the younger voters with the promise of cheaper homes - grrrrr

  2. That's a sad state of affairs Don. I noticed when we were over there last June how very expensive the homes were, and the cost of living. Sorry you've been having a rough time, hope this week is a better one. My love and best to your and your dear wife. Denise xxx


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