Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Westbrook Bay in the sunshine

Beach Huts have been mentioned on this blog before. I have always been attracted to the seaside and some of my earliest memories involve the sea, I cant always say they involve sand because I originate from Faversham and we often used to go to Seasalter or Whitstable and as I got a little older I used to swim in Oare Creek and both of those locations have mud glorious rather than sand . My Father used to take us to Whitstable and I can remember getting cut off by the incoming tide as I walked back in on the shingle bank called 'The Street' you can see the little gap at
the end well if your eight years old you can get very wet trying to return to dry land.
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The reason I started to write this post is because as a family we have had a beach hut on the sands at Westbrook for over 25 years, now that I am in a wheelchair I cant get down onto the sands and at my weight not many takers for dragging me around on the sand buggy. So this week with grandchildren off school and also our son on holiday when he asked us to join him for a coffee we didn't need asking twice. The milky coffee at Westbrook Bay cafe is very good so when we were leaving  home ready to go and get a coffee wen  were met at the front door by friends they immediately wanted to join us. Parking in Barnes Car Park and wandering along the prom there was lots of people enjoying the afternoon sunshine. Westbrook Beach is in a wonderful safe bay for bathing, Life Guards are on duty during the summer months and day and weekly rentals of Council owned beach huts are available to visitors.
I am so privileged to live in Thanet and over the years myself and my family have had so much fun on the sandy beaches. Midnight swims evening BBQ's and birthday parties. I have fished most of its marvellous beaches and bay's and when I used to live in Ramsgate I always fished off the shore by what used to be Nero' s every boxing day. I have scoured every one of Thanets many bay's for fossils. Being an avid bird watcher I have scanned crags and cliffs beaches and bay's in fine and in foul weather but I have loved living in Thanet. One of my earliest memories of Ramsgate was of being in a boat moared in the Royal Harbour and feeling uneasy as it rocked gently as we went round the harbour. I have fished from loads of small craft as an adult and never been unwell and I put it down to my gentle initiation as a six year old.
When I first moved here over thirty years ago it was somewhere to live but now I call Margate my home and Thanet is where I live. I love living by the sea. I count the ship's off of Cliftonville every time I catch glimpse of the horizon. I photograph the sunsets as often as possible in fact I Love this place and I try and get others to love it too. I once used to say l liked it better out of season when the holidaymakers had gone home I can't say that anymore maybe I have matured but I think this place has become like a favourite pair of slippers it's somewhere I am comfortable in.

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