Monday, 11 August 2014

Thanet Police Reports

Laughing now as I have just read the local police reports online
Police were called to Minster Road in Ramsgate just before 1 am on Friday morning after a car allegedly collided with a garden wall.
29-year-old Craig Spickett of St Lawrence Avenue, Ramsgate, was arrested and subsequently charged with drink driving.
He was released on bail to answer before Margate Magistrates on 29 August. 

Read more at Thanet Gazzette

How can it be allegedly colliding with a wall ? I very much doubt the wall decided sudenly I know what I'll do go for a walk in the middle of the road. To the best of my knowledge walls lead a very sedentary life style and even in my limited grasp on reality the car collided with the wall and if the driver was drunk that could be a very good reason it did so.

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