Sunday, 31 August 2014

Counting the Ships off Margate

Yep I have been Counting the ships again, well I am always counting the ships. I have the theory you can always count ten ships off Margate and today I counted twelve so my theory was once again proved correct. We went to Westbrook and parked in Barnes Car Park and Heather pushed me in the wheelchair along to the cafe. I was surprised how nice it was and there were several beach huts opened and several people making the most of the last official day of summer. All our kids were at the beach hut and had just finished bacon sandwiches. After a brief hello we headed back home and had our own bacon sandwiches. Heather is now cutting the lawn before it gets any longer, she know's she wont get another chance until Friday as this is one busy week. I am now going to to see where those ships are from and where they are headed
Seven Seas Highway heading to Sheerness

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  1. I always wonder what all those boats are doing out there.


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