Saturday, 26 July 2014

Summer Holiday things to do. Camping

Holidays are times for making memories, MEMORIES that will last a life time. My kids if they get together with friends from their childhood often revert to being kids again remembering the fun they had, fun doing simple stuff like playing Pooh sticks under a bridge or playing rounders at a campsite when someone got hit in the head (oops sorry Sarah). Memories of fun times doing simple stuff in different places. My daughters take their children to a campsite a full five miles from their home and the boys love it. Doing different stuff in different places. Cooking marshmallows on a stick over a BBQ's smouldering embers when camping is a big thing for children. The fact its done away from the confines of the normal has a lot to do with it, the fact they are in a sleeping bag and under canvas, OK most tents are nylon nowadays but canvas makes this sound a bit more primeval and kids love primeval. A couple of sleeping bags a forty pound tent a gas cooker and a few utensils and your away. Campsites are cheap compared to even the least expensive hotel and as I said in my daughters instance travel can be close or far. Remember to pack a sense of humour! That was the best bit of advice I was given when I took up camping 30 years ago. Even if you put a tent up every day of the week and knew it inside out when the rubber hits the road and things have gone wrong all day and you took the wrong turn and its now three hours later than you planned to arrive. YES I have had days like that too. The tent will need to go up before your kids can get to sleep.
the welcome sign even after five miles

other campers

Marshmallow over fire tastes good
The fact your other half is the other end of the pole and his or her left is opposite from yours and the hammer you thought you had packed is still on the shelf back at home at that particular moment all you want to do is scream is the real time to take a step back and LAUGH. Its fun even if the weather forecast said it was zero chance of rain and your doing it in a down pour LAUGH.; Its your bit if a break as well you don't want to spend it fretting and snapping at the kids MAN up and get on with it and enjoy your brief time with your kids they grow upso fast it wont be long before they are making memories for their kids. Have fun I know I did

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