Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Local Cat makes his own fudge

Just been surfing the web for local interest news and I discovered a cat called Pump Kin. He has his his own range of merchandise a which located 3 Marine Drive, Margate. I have just spent the last half hour in heaps of laughter. Pump sure is a wonder cat, firstly he is Marketing Manager at Crafted Naturally and I must say looking at his website  and Facebook account he does a magnificent job. He was educated at the Fat Cat University and started out life as a Mouse Catcher before landing his present positition. He has single handedly or should that be pawed produced a range of cards and gifts bearing his beautiful picture but now he has gone on to produce a range of fudge seen here with him. Pump also oversee's Batik & Paper-making Workshops see website for details of these fantastly popular workshops click here
Pump takes well earned nap by his Fudge
There are many images of Pumps antics around the shop on both the website and on his popular Facebook Pages.Next time your in Margate pop in and see him at the sea front overlooking the sea just a few door from GB PIZZA and next to Bernie's Chocolate Bar
Marine Drive at Margate has become a hotbed of new independent stores opening up in what has become know as MARGATE OLD TOWN

Pumpkin at the sewing machine

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