Sunday, 27 July 2014

Go compare your car insurance quote before you buy

We have all done it, your car insurance is about to expire and we have gone to an online comparison website typed in a few details and bingo up pops a quote cheaper than last years insurance. Pop in your credit card details and your covered. But what for?
It is becoming increasingly apparent the comparison website insurance is not comparable to what you had last year. They are making your car insurance cheaper by cutting away at the cover. This won't become apparent until you are unfortunate enough to need to make a claim. Legal cover is a favourite to be missing and if you don't have it who is going to fight your corner? Some insurance claims are complicated so complex you need a specialised legal team and with out that cover the judge won't take "I thought my comparison website was the same as my old policy" as a defence.
You remember the old adage if it's to cheap to be true then it's probably not true well when it comes to any insurance car home life insurance any of then check what's in there and most importantly what has been left out. Because "I thought I was covered" is not the same as its here in black and white in my insurance policy. You need to have the best insurance at the best price. The comparison website quote you get is probably from a company owned by the company that is on television telling you come to us direct we are not on any comparison website. No because the sister company that is on them sells insurance with bits taken out . If ever there was as case of buyer beware it is in today's comparison website world. Check the small print if it is cheaper there may be a reason IT IS NOT THE SAME.

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