Monday, 21 July 2014

Fried Breakfast Aldi Double yolk eggs

Saturdays are normally lazy days lay in bed watching James Martin's Saturday Kitchen but last Saturday was different. Eight o'clock the phone rings and then  its one mad rush to get up and dressed! We are being invaded! Both of our daughters are coming for breakfast and its going to be a full English. Well as you know I cant rush so they were here before Heather had got me dressed and done I cant do much to help her anymore BIG AHHH FOR DON.
Victoria had been shopping and took over the kitchen, her sister is cant cook wont cook so she was delegated to chopping mushrooms and halving cherry tomatoes. I never remember if its tomato's or tomatoes. Well I arrived downstairs to a hive of activity, there was a debate going on as to which bacon was better, we already had some in the fridge from our local Nisa store in Upper Dane Road three packs for the price of two or maybe three packs for the price of one I don't know all I do remember is three women debating bacon and all I wanted was to eat bacon. The next excitement was the poached eggs. Double yolkers and these were eggs from Aldi hardly the place you expect to find eggs with double yolks. The last time I had eggs with two yolks was when my mate worked on a chicken farm. Once again Victoria had to explain the rarity of the eggs to her sister as they were placed in the poacher. Sausages were being cooked in the oven bacon under the grill and chesnut mushrooms and tomatoes in a frying pan.
Aldi Double Yolk Eggs

My Lap tray ready in anticipation

Breakfast but wheres my egg?

It tastes great

It all came together in a delicious grand finally and here is mine as it disappeared.


  1. Eeee Bahy Gum Lad ... black pudding is rarely seen in Thanet!
    Where's the fried bread?
    And, for what it's worth, I like my eggs fried and once over easy.
    Chilled orange juice is a must too.
    As Dean Martin sang, 'How do ya like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a hug'!
    Ah yes, those were the days when we didn't worry about obesity, sugar levels, cholesterol and diabetes. In retrospect it seems life ws better then Bread and dripping for teatime. Fish with chips cooked in lard. And we survived with energy to spare.

  2. Col both you and I know life was better back then but we were fit enough to use that energy. Fried bread ohhhhh I remember that but it is not the same nowadays whenn everything is cooked in oil rather than dripping.


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