Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tiverton Books by the Oval Bandstand open when at Farmers Market

Sunday is the summer fair on Oval Lawns with classic cars, clog dancing & a man with an organ hmmm sounds  like one for the diary. If you are visiting the Farmers Market pop across the road and visit Tiverton Books down the steps at the Smiths Court Hotel
I noticed from Smiths Court Hotel website that the only thing they overlook is the sea, but on Sunday I have to disagree they will be looking at the Farmers Market and a classic car show a clog dancing man with an organ plus Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Just realised next door to Smiths Court Hotel is another of Margates great Hotels the Blues Brothers Themed Malvern Guest House.
While I am turning this into  a Hotel Blog post I feel I should mention the Walpole Bay Hotel I have had dealings with the Walpole for years and can recomend them whole heartedly


  1. At the risk of stating the obvious, I would use Tiverton books more often if they were open more often!
    There IS another 2nd hand book shop in Margate Old Town but it seems more into vinyl records and rarely opens much before 11 and seemingly, never on Mondays.
    The Old Bank Bookshop by Margate Piazza has reduced its book stock by 75% and given space over to bric-a-brac as you would expect from a hospice shop with the most complex till that no volunteers seem capable of using!
    At last ... Hooked on Books, newly arrived from Dover has opened opposite Sands Hotel in Margate High Street.
    It sells books. It has good stock! It opens during normal shop hours! Now THAT'S the way to run a business.

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