Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thanet District Council Please wake up and smell the plastic flowers

There is a saying that goes along the lines of wake up and smell the roses
I am asking Thanet District Council to waken up and smell the plastic flowers in the baskets on the dual carriageway into Thanet. I know  times are hard but PLASTIC FLOWERS.  We used to have nurseries and produce marvellous displays I must say I was disgusted by one of the few remaining flower beds I passed the other day in Cliftonville but it was quiet close to the eyesore left by the bulldozers as they destroyed the skate park in Cliftonville. But that was at least flowers. The so called display along the main road into Thanets home of the Turner Contemporary are all PLASTIC. When I mentioned this to ward councillor Simon Moores he said people wont notice if they pass them at speed. Wrong answer Simon if I noticed them so will others and isnthat the impression we want people to take away from Thanet CHEAP TACKY AND PLASTIC. Other towns  and resorts manage some wonderful and even prizewinning displays and TDC all we can do is plastic flowers, I AM ASHAMED no not ashamed disgusted.


  1. On board a London bound coach last week and everyone on board noticed. Trouble with plastic flowers is they fade in the light. In the days when the plants were supplied by Rosemary nurseries the baskets looked really good. I suspect that the artificial ones ( remember the daffs you used to get with packets of detergent?) win as they don't need watering.

  2. I agree Don. When I was a kid, my grandad was a corporation gardener & many a time I'd see him in the middle of a flower bed along the front, planting, weeding & generally making the area lovely to look at. Now, there are hardly any flower beds & I'm sorry to say that if there were, I bet they'd get ripped up by those with nothing better to do & no consideration for the work that's gone into them. We live in sad & selfish days, I'm afraid.


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